W.O. Hall students take a stand against bullying

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - W.O. Hall students started taking a stand against bullying back in November with a new 'bully proof' program.

Photo Credit: KALB

They learned the signs of bullying and how to report it. The community came to celebrate their progress on Friday.

The school held a 'Win at Life' Rally inviting performers, poets, DJs, and even Mayor Jeff Hall to have a good time and speak with students.

"My daughter in Baton Rouge she told me she wanted to kill herself because she was being bullied," said poet Larry Quinney. "So, this is something personal to me. As a parent, it is never a good feeling when you are helpless with your child. You try to encourage them and let them know their self worth so nobody can dictate their self worth to them."

He said the entire program is an opportunity to raise awareness about the seriousness of bullying in the country and right here at home.

Since it began, the program has helped decrease bullying incidents at the school.

"The culture, the climate of the classrooms have definitely changed," said W.O. Hall teacher Cedrick Williams. "If you look at it on being on the high end we are not quite where we want to be, but we are not where we used to be. So, we celebrate all victories at W.O.Hall."

W.O. Hall wants to get schools across the district involved in 'Bully Proof'. Those interested can contact organizer Cedrick Williams at cedrick.williams@rpsb.us.

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