Weather Watchers Network celebrates 30 years serving Cenla

Published: Aug. 25, 2018 at 10:47 PM CDT
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They keep their eyes on the sky, ready to report at a moments notice. That dedication from the Weather Watchers Network is something the KALB Weather Team knows they can always count on to know what's going on outside.

Thirty years ago Chief Meteorologist Tom Konvicka created the Weather Watchers to keep tabs on every corner of Central Louisiana.

He honored the loyal watchers that contribute to his forecasts with a luncheon at Tunk's Cypress Inn. They celebrated many years of keeping the region connected and informed. The network has grown from 20 watchers at its inception to more than 100.

"We tell him what is going on and he knows how the weather is going to do from that," said Weather Watcher Billy Nichols. "It works both ways, we help him and he helps us. Tom is a fine man. Couldn't ask for a better weather man."

Konvicka turns to his watchers for updates on temperature and rainfall for forecasts. KALB also partners with the National Weather Service. They share watcher data to help get the word out in order to lower inclement weather death tolls and property damage.

Konvicka said it's unique because, to his knowledge, no other TV station in the country has maintained such a large long standing network. He said the loyal viewership is irreplaceable.

"The purpose of the luncheon is to get people together, Konvicka said. "Let me see them, meet them. Because these are all wonderful people. What they do for us, just to say thanks for letting me call you every night or talk to you or bother you on social media, or somewhere."

Konvicka also awarded 25 and 30 year plaques to fellow watchers.