Woman, boyfriend each shot 5 times share details of domestic violence shooting

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - It’s a story of survival. A Baton Rouge woman says her ex attacked her and her current boyfriend, shooting them both five times back in June.

The suspect is behind bars, and now for the first time, the victim is sharing her story to maybe save another life.

"I always say, nobody but God. You know, five bullets, and I felt every one of them hit me," said Karen Hill, a domestic violence survivor.

Bullet wounds are still visible on her and her boyfriend, Fred Thomas', bodies.

“Gun in hand. He [ex-boyfriend] entered my bedroom, started shooting. Shot me once in the hand first, then turned the gun on him [Thomas]. Shot him several times in the chest, in the stomach, in the hand, turned the gun back. He emptied the gun,” said Hill.

“And my stomach right here, I got 167 stitches inside me right now,” said Thomas.

On June 2, police say Donald Mack, Karen Hill’s ex-boyfriend, broke into her home on Cefalu Drive while she was sleeping, allegedly trying to kill her and her new boyfriend, Thomas.

"Because he said he wasn't going to live without me," said Hill.

She says she called off the relationship with Mack a year ago due to the constant abuse, but says threats from Mack were constant.

“He [Mack] ran out of bullets. Then he said, when he ran out of bullets, he was going back to his truck to reload, but after he stopped shooting, he came over and started hitting her [Hill] in her head with the gun and started stomping her,” said Thomas.

Hill’s daughter and grandchild were hiding in a bedroom nearby and dialed 911 when they heard the screams. Police came and arrested Mack, while paramedics rushed Thomas and Hill to the hospital.

“The trauma surgeon came in and when I woke up he said, ‘I was just standing there and waiting for you to wake up to say something for you because you are a miracle,’” said Hill.

Hill and Thomas say they’re proof how domestic abuse can turn deadly for not only the victim, but for other family members as well. She’s hopeful their story can possibly help someone.

“Don’t go back. Get help, talk with somebody, let somebody know. All of that helps,” she said.

Hill and Thomas are still healing from their injuries. Hill still has nerve damage from the gunshot wounds, and meanwhile, Thomas is hopeful the hundreds of stitches in his stomach don’t rip.

Mack is set to appear in court Oct. 24.

The 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline’s number is 1-888-411-1333.

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