Woman steals an ambulance after she found no ride home

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WILLOUGHBY HILLS, OH. (WKYC) - An Ohio woman is facing multiple charges after she stole an ambulance and led police on a high-speed chase.

A woman who couldn't find a ride after leaving the hospital took an ambulance and led police on high-speed chase. | Image Source: NBC / WKYC

Jenette Askew, 40, was a patient at TriPoint Medical Center on January 4 before being discharged around 4 p.m.

She didn't have a ride home and wasn't willing to wait for one. She chose to get into a nearby Tri-County ambulance that was running outside.

"She couldn't get a ride with anybody else. She tried the handle on the door," said Sheriff Daniel Dunlap of Lake County. "She found out that it was unlocked and running with the keys in the ignition."

The ambulance operators called the police and used an internal GPS system to track its location. They saw it was on I-90 headed westbound.

Dispatchers radioed ahead to Willoughby Hills Police Department who caught up to Askew who, at times, was traveling at more than 80 miles per hour.

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