Work begins on collapsed Red River levee in Pineville

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PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - As you're driving into Pineville across the Jackson Street Bridge, it's become a common sight to see the levee caving into the Red River.

Source: KALB

It's been a worsening problem over the past few years, and the City of Pineville said it's time to fix it.

On Thursday, crews began filling in holes in a couple different areas with dirt and rocks to hopefully lessen the impact the river has on the bank.

The project is a collaboration between the City of Pineville, the Red River Waterway Commission, and the Red River Levee District. Each group is playing a different role in the team effort, and Mayor Clarence Fields said it's humbling to see it in action.

"The workers that you see are workers from the Levee District,” explained Mayor Fields. They're the ones that are actually doing the labor, and most of the equipment is actually their equipment. The Waterway Commission is participating in a different way. And the City of Pineville is participating in a different way from an engineering perspective, and to some extent the fuel and things like that. We just put all the pieces to the puzzle together, as you can see, and we're trying to make something happen on a temporary basis."

As Mayor Fields said, this is a temporary fix that will last until the Army Corps of Engineers has the funding to help.

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