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Published: Jan. 3, 2019 at 3:05 PM CST
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Central Louisiana began two-thousand and eighteen off with very cold air in the month of January. There was multiple times when this happened during January of this year. Temperatures were as low as the teens across most of the region on the days of January first, second and fourth. Then later on in the month of January, in the middle of the month on the sixteen, there was another occurrence of cold weather that arrived with sleet and snow on that day. Accumulations of snowfall were light during this mid-January event of about an inch or less.

We then saw the fifth warmest and wettest February on record. This warm and wet weather pattern continued in the month of March. During the days of March 28th and 29th, there was severe weather, along with flood warnings as the studios at your Local Station received 5.53 inches of rainfall in just a twenty-four period. Other locations received anywhere from 7-9 inches of rainfall during this late March rain storm.

Then we transition to the very warm stretch of two-thousand and eighteen, during the month of May with several record highs being established. May 8th, 12th and 16th are the days that record highs occurred. May marked the beginning of the hot summer with temperatures reaching the triple digit mark at the Alexandria International Airport (AEX) for the first time since August of two-thousand and fifteen, so in nearly three years. The City of Natchitoches took the crown for having the hottest observed temperature on July 22nd of one-hundred and five degrees. Other locations across Central Louisiana reached or exceeded the hot one-hundred degrees or higher fifteen to twenty times throughout the summer.

Finally, we go to the fall of two-thousand and eighteen, during the Halloween Night and November 1st occurrence where Central Louisiana experienced quite the severe weather outbreak. A strong storm system rolled through the region which ended up triggering one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in our weather history. The data from the National Weather Service is still incomplete but so far thirteen tornadoes have been documented. Several Central Louisiana parishes were affected by this particular outbreak. The strongest tornado during this outbreak was EF-2 strength with highest winds of 135 mph, there was two injuries noted in Grant parish from this tornado. The total path length of this tornado was 38.2 miles and the path was as wide as 500 yards. It crossed the red river and briefly became a water spout. Then there was another tornado outbreak that occurred in November on the 5th. Northwestern Central Louisiana parishes were in the brunt from this outbreak with eight tornadoes that occurred. One other interesting thing to note is that Louisiana is tied with Iowa with eighty-four tornadoes in two-thousand and eighteen. This number of eighty-four is tied for the lead at the moment with tornadoes that occurred. We’ll see what two-thousand and nineteen brings in weather across Central Louisiana, stay tuned and stay with KALB for the latest.

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