A Level of Mental Toughness

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 8:55 PM CDT
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“Kaitlyn is awesome,” Tioga cross country coach Sarah Gilliland said. “She's a very strong athlete. She's very smart about setting her goals and working to put herself into a position to achieve those goals.”

Being a great runner requires a level of mental toughness. For Tioga senior Kaitlyn Brown, cross country isn’t hard at all.

“I use to run when I was little, and then I started playing basketball and softball,” Brown said. “They started to interfere with each other. After my first year of track in my sophomore year, my coaches wanted me to run cross country.”

Kaitlyn is built tough.

Her father trained her all her life, and her grandma was her basketball coach in her freshman and sophomore year.

“She stays on top of me in making sure that my grades are right,” Brown said. “She'll talk to my teachers, check on me in basketball and track, and even show up to support me.”

She's played almost every sport there is and because of that, she's able to shine and those around her feel that she shines in competition and in cheering for others.

“She is always cheering for her teammates, whether or not she's in that race or spectating it,” Gilliland said. “She's cheering, high-fiving, waving and smiling. I just really appreciate how she supports her teammates and really encourages everybody.”

A few weeks ago she won the John C. Miller cross country meet, placing 1st out of 130 girls.

Her time—20:08.

“I felt confident going into that race,” Brown said. “It felt really easy in comparison to what everyone else told me at the end of their race. I was really happy with the results and then shaving 1:15 off my time was really good for me.”

For shaving off that time, and for her stellar performance in running, she's this week's ACA Athlete of the Week.

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