A Love for a Game, That will Remain the Same

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Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 11:14 AM CDT
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For 11 seasons, the Newtons have been an inseparable father-son baseball duo. However, that's all come to an end abruptly.

"I just showed up when they needed help with tee-ball and other leagues," coach and father of Noah Newton, Donnie Newton said. "But I told them they had to let my three-year-old son play as well."

That's where it all started. With a background of baseball coaching at Marksville High School, he took on the double duties as father and coach of his on.

"As he was growing up, I was just as involved as I am now," Donnie Newton said. "Every pitch, every bat, I was there."

"Just knowing he's there through the highs and lows is what makes it special," eighth-grader Noah Newton said. "It's to the point where I know what he's going to say when I look at him on the field."

However, that's all come to an end due to the spreading of COVID-19.

"I was upset," Noah Newton said. "Sports is my favorite thing to do, and now I don't have that."

"I wish I would've cherished it a little more," Donnie Newton said. "I just didn't anticipate it coming to an end so drastically. Despite it all, we've been working every day still."

"My dad still works on my throwing with me so I can stay in shape and get ready for next season," Noah Newton said. "So, we are still excited for what's in store."

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