A father, a daughter, and softball

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ALEXANDRIA (KALB) -- “Softball, it’s like always been there. It’s been there since the beginning.”

Photo Source: KALB

Softball has been the sport of choice for Alexandria Senior High standout Briahna Bennett since she was three years old. And over the course of the past 15 years, the only thing that’s grown more than her passion for the game, is her love for the man who introduced her to it.

“Well, my dad has been a huge influencer on my life, he has always taught me that if you work hard, good things will happen,” Bennett said through a smile.

And during her high school career, good things did happen. Bennett was a part of a state championship team in 2016, an All-State selection her junior and senior season, and was named the All-Cenla most valuable player the past two seasons. But to Shane Bennet, Briahna’s father, the most valuable thing was the time spent with his daughter.

“Just leaving on a Friday night and getting back late, twelve, one o’clock in the morning, having spent the whole weekend together. Having that 4-5 hour drive, just talking with her, not just about softball, but about life, that’s a pretty great experience,” said Shane Bennett.

With 15 years of softball in her past, Bennett looks towards the future. After committing to Southeastern Louisiana University early in high school, she finally begins her collegiate career this fall under the tutelage of Southeastern Softball coach Rick Fremin.

“When you keep asking the question who are the best power hitters in the state? Her name just kept coming up. And I am a believer you can’t keep excellence quiet for long. So I just wanted to get her in front of us, and when we did, I was very impressed, very high character. We are very excited to have her,” said Fremin.

With her college career now directly in front of her, Bennett looks to apply the same approach that made her a success in high school.

“My goal is to do whatever it takes to start. If I do get to start, then from there it’s just having good at bats and doing whatever it takes to help my team succeed.”

For her father, he only hopes that Briahna takes advantage of the next four years.

“I hope that she takes this opportunity and goes with it, and that she does the best that she can.”

Whenever Briahna Bennett graduates college, she would have played softball for close to two decades. But the bond between this father and daughter, over the fame they both love, is sure to last a lifetime.