A look at Week 3's matchups

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Several Central Louisiana teams will be on the road. Check out the list of games, and hear from what some of the coaches have to say.

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Bolton vs. Northwood
The Bolton Bears will travel to play the Northwood Gators. The bears are coming off a big-time win against Grant, while Northwood finds themselves sitting at 0-2. For Bolton, look out for Delvrick Tatum to shine again after coming off of a 221-yard rushing game. However, don't expect the Gators to back down either.

Lakeview vs. Montgomery
As for the Montgomery Tigers, they will host Lakeview. The tigers are starting off the season at 2-0 and have complete confidence in their team. Mikel Auge has been playing exceptionally well and is expected to continue his high level of play.

East Beauregard vs. Rosepine
The Rosepine Eagles will be trying to bounce back after coming off of a 40-14 loss to South Beauregard. This team is very young, and facing adversity is something that may be fairly new to them. However, the East Beauregard Trojans have also started their season at 0-2, so this will be an opportunity for the Eagles to get back on track.

Northside vs. Peabody
As for the Warhorses at Peabody, they are off to a 2-0 start on the season and are coming into their homecoming game against Northside feel good. The warhorses will duke it out against the 0-2 Vikings and have the potential to go into week four against ASH sitting at 3-0.

Tioga vs. Buckeye
The matchup between Tioga and Buckeye is shaping up to have several storylines within it. The Indians are coming off their impressive win over the Pineville rebels, while the Panthers haven't gotten off to the start that they may have liked. Along with not scoring more than 7 points in the two games that they've played, the Panthers now have to face the distraction of the viral video that featured one of their players expressing racial slurs.

Marksville vs. Pineville
As for our game of the week, Pineville and Marksville will duke it out on the Rebel's turf. Pineville is coming off of that loss to Tioga, while the Tigers are feeling like champions after handing a loss to the Avoyelles Mustangs. This game should shape up to be a good one.

Other Central Louisiana teams in action

Ash vs. Parkway

Natchitoches Central vs. Lake Charles College Prep

Leesville vs. Washington-Marion

Menard vs. Homer

Bunkie vs. Mamou

Avoyelles vs. St. Edmund

Merryville vs. Pickering

Oakdale vs. Oberlin

North Caddo vs. St. Mary

Many vs. North Desoto

Grant vs. Block

Ringgold vs. LaSalle

Jena vs. Ouachita Christian

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