MOTW: Joe the Duck

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PINEVILLE, La (KALB) - The Pineville Boys soccer team had a successful season by all measures: they won a district championship, hosted and won a playoff game and went undefeated at home during the regular season. A constant through all the success?

Photo Source: KALB

The team's mascot, Joe the Duck. Chalk the duck's mascot up to the superstitions of their head coach, Greag Comeaux.

"We brought (Joe) to a tournament and we also found a croquet mallet left behind. We won the tournament, so for the longest time, we had Joe and a croquet mallet at our games" said Comeaux.

"Not so much the mallet anymore, but for two years, Joe has been around...Joe is a teammate, a member of this team. Joe goes everywhere."

For Joe's immeasurable heart and the inspiration he's provided to the Pineville Rebels soccer team, he's this week's Mascot of the Week.