ASH Slips Past St. Martinville

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - After three solid weeks of complete play, the ASH Trojans barely slip past one of the top 5 in Class 3A, St. Martinville, 76-69.

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In the first quarter, everything seemed to have clicked for this team. However, by the half, the Trojans had given up a 12 point lead.

"I'm not feeling very well," head coach Lance Brasher said. "We have been playing outstanding for the last two weeks giving up an average of 44 points. Tonight we gave up 66," he added.

Latrell Holly and Desmond McQuain's combined 42 points helped edge this team to a win. A win, that should have gone a lot better than it did tonight.

"We did not pay attention to our assignments, our attention to detail, closing out, boxing out, rebounding," Brasher said. "Honestly, they just missed some shots and we made some shots, and that's the reason why we won tonight," he added.

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