Age is just a Number

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 3:35 PM CST
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They say that age is just a number, and 14-year old Avoyelles running back Carlos Bazert is proving that saying right

"You're going to hear about this kid for the next few years," head coach Andy Boone said. "He's still growing and still kind of a baby right now as far as his development. The sky's the limit for him."

Standing at 6'0" and weighing in at 220 pounds, Bazert stands out on his team, but it wasn't easy moving from middle school to the varsity level.

"He was 12-years old last year practicing with the varsity," Boone said. "He's just used to hitting with the bigger boys."

"It was kind of a hard transition learning how to hit like the other high schoolers," Bazert said. "I had to work my way up and fight for my spot."

Fighting is just the kind of mentality that Avoyelles football represents, and Carlos is the epitome of it. Last week, he 21 carries for 150 yards and 4 touchdowns.

"I had to do what I had to do," Bazert said. "I had to get the touchdowns for my team. I had to get them (the team) where we needed to go. I just wanted to win."

He has one of the best supporting casts in the area. You can ask him and he'll tell you.

"We have a lot of talented people on our team," Bazert said. "We have Jermaine (Pierre), Donnell (Carter), Malik (Berry). We're just special this year."

This team couldn't be special without a coach like Andy Boone, Carlos says that he's just following as his coach leads him.

"He instructs you on what to do and all you have to do is follow in behind him," Bazert said. "He can lead you to where you need to be. I just follow him, and it's good for me."

"He's a hard worker, and he's always here," Boone said. "We're going to use his talents to the best of our abilities. He surprises people when you hit him. He's only gotten better."

In the end, Carlos says that he just wants to be the best to that's ever lace up the cleats as a Mustang. For his baller performance last week, he's this week's ACA Athlete of the Week.

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