Baseball Runs Away from Champion Christian

Photo Source: Dylan Fuselier
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PINEVILLE, La (LC) - The Louisiana College baseball team opened up their season at Billy Allgood field for their first taste of home action in a doubleheader against Champion Christian College. The Cats were looking to put their season opening 6-2 loss behind them and they did just that as they held Champion to just a total of five runs in both games.

The Wildcats got off to a quick start in the first inning as Keelyn Johnson singled to left and brought Christian Vandergraft for the first run at home of the season. Immediately following, Clayton Noakes' single to the left said brought Keelyn Johnson into score taking the Wildcats out to a quick 2-0 start. Runs by Clayton Noakes and Dane Pederson saw the Wildcats go into the second inning with a 4-0 lead.

The dominance just continued as the Cats scored eight more runs in the second which was started off with a Brady Atkins score. There was just simply no stopping the Cats as they busted off eight runs in the second to make it 12-0 going into just the third inning.

The rest of the game was a little slower for the Wildcats as they mustered up one run in the third inning that came from Konner James on a hit from Ashton Martin that went deep to center field. The men went on to score no runs in the fourth, four in the 5th, and remained scoreless for the duration of the game. Champion College could not manage to match the second inning surge by the Wildcats and the men dominated 17-2. Brady Atkins led the team in runs with three.

Game 2

The Cats team continued their double header action as they played their second game against Champion Christian College at their home opener at Billy Allgood field. While the men dominated Champion 17-2 in the first game, they saw similar success in the second game as they hit them out the ballpark with a dominating win of 18-3.

LC opened up their eight run inning by seeing game one star Brady Atkins score their first run of the contest coming off a foul by Champion. The first score was immediately followed by the next two as Hunter Bower and Deauton Delgado scored runs off of a Reed Sexton bomb to center field. The Wildcats kept tallying up the score as they scored eight of their 18 points come out of the first inning.

The second inning was the story of this one as the cats outdid their first inning effort and scored nine runs which took them to a 17-1 lead going into the third inning. The streak was started off by a Dylan Roark run which came off a Peyton Bogan single and brought the cats to a 9-1 advantage early in the second. The last point of the inning was saw Hunter Bower come in for a run after a Brayden Miles double to right center. This high flying offense brought the Cats to a commanding 17-1 advantage.

The men managed to squeeze out one more run in the third and remained scoreless the rest of the contest as they dominated 18-3. Brady Atkins once again matched his runs from the first game as him and Deauton Delgado finished with three apiece.

The Louisiana College Baseball team returns to Billy Allgood Field on February 16th and 17th to take on Austin College in back to back doubleheaders. The first two games are at 1 P.M. and 4 P.M. and the last two on Sunday are at 1 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. Stay connected to Louisiana College baseball by following @LC_bsb on Twitter. For general athletics news follow @LC_Wildcats on Twitter or like Louisiana College Wildcats on Facebook.