Bolton Bears shift gears ahead of new season

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Just a 1-9 finish to last year for the Bolton Bears but that's all put behind them as 3rd year head coach Mark Teague shapes this years team into a contender.

"When you come in and take over a new program as I did in 2016 there's a culture change that has to happen and when that culture change happens it's not over night," said Teague.

The Bears will lean on the shoulders of senior running back Ken Molette, to replace the likes of Terrance Garnett as the anchor in the backfield.

"Freshman and Sophomore year you don't understand how important it really is but when your senior year hits you'll understand so coming out here everyday is fun good energy and just encouraging the young one," said Molette.

Bolton open the 2018 season against Holy Savior Menard on September 1st.