Bolton Eases Past LCCP, 59-5

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - Bolton wins its fifth consecutive game after holding LCCP to only five points!

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In the first quarter, Bolton went on a 16-point scoring run and forced 15 turnovers.

"That was a unique game," head coach Antonio Keller said. "That's something that we can always use. A win is a win," he added.

At the half, Bolton led 31-5; having LCCP's five points come from free throws.

"We played well today," guard, Ced'drecca Chapman said. "If we keep working, we can make it far," she added.

In the third, Dymon Drumgo went down on an ankle sprain. However, Coach Keller doesn't think it will impact the team too much.

"You never want to see one of your better players go down," Keller said. "I'm pretty sure she'll be able to bounce back pretty quickly," he added.

Bolton looks to keep this streak going on Thursday as they play Plainview on the road.

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