Cats lose third straight game to Crusaders, 82-0

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - The Louisiana College Wildcats knew that it was going to be a tough battle in facing the No. 1 team in the country as they fell to the Crusaders 82-0.


“My guys didn't quit,” head coach Justin Charles said. “There are peaks and valleys throughout the game and that happened, but my guys fought. They wanted to score, stop them, but they didn't quit.”

“If you saw a team that quit, you probably would've seen the score get more out of hand. That's what overall preparation does with the number one team in the country. They're physical, and they prepare every single day.

The Cats turned the football over 7 times, which ultimately helped in the loss.

“It was a snowball effect,” Charles said. “There were times that we had the ball in our possession, and you just can't keep making the mistakes that we've made all year.”

LC is back on the road, once again, taking on the McCurry Warhawks with a 1:00 kickoff.

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