Coco Oregeron Previews the National Championship

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NEW ORLEANS, La (WVUE) - Coco Oregoron wished a National Championship for the LSU Tigers for Christmas. Now, she's hoping she can cross it off of her wish list!

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"We're going to war," Ed Oregeron's mother, Coco Oregeron said. "We're going for it," she added.

Coach Orgeron is a master motivator, "We coming, we coming, and we ain't backing down." If you talk to his mother, Coco, you'll figure out quickly where he got it from.

"Didn't he say to everyone "we're coming." I didn't believe anybody believed him," Oregeron said.

LSU is "almost there," they just need to finish the job in their own backyard.

Coco missed out on attending the SEC Championship Game, and the the Tigers matchup with Oklahoma due to a bad back. But, she'll be in that number when LSU takes on Clemson, and she'll know right away if O's boys are ready for battle.

"I want to see how enthusiastic they're going to be," Oregeron said. "If they have that energy and they're bouncing, I know they're going to win," she added.

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