Dingers for Diapers

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Holy Savior Menard's Junior High Baseball team wanted to do something to help the Cenla Pregnancy Center.

Photo source: KALB

What better than a home-run derby?

Dingers for Diapers took place at Johnny Downs this afternoon, where participants competed in a home-run derby with proceeds benefiting the Cenla Pregnacy Center. In addition to the derby, face-painting, music, food and a raffle rounded out the fun, with all proceeds going towards what event organizer Jennifer Tichenor believes is a good cause

"Service is something that we value here at Holy Savior Menard," says Tichenor. "Dingers for Diapers was kind of the best way to get the boys to have a little fun but also to give back to such a great organization."

Bob Tompkins, a member of board for the Cenla Pregnancy Center, expressed his gratitude for the team's unique fundraising idea.

"It's been a lot of fun to have all these youngsters from Menard out there taking a poke (at the ball)," said Tompkins. "And of course we are just so thankful for the money it's produced for us."