Eagles fly past Tigers

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The Holy Savior Menard Eagles cruised past the Marksville Tigers 76-55 thanks to the 38 combined points of seniors David Brevelle (20 points) and Jude Hopewell (18 points).

Holy Savior Menard seniors David Brevelle (right) and Jude Hopewell (left) combined for 38 points in the 76-55 win over Marksville. (Source: KALB)

At halftime, Menard led 31-25 but in the 3rd quarter, they outscored Marksville 22-9.

Both Brevelle and Hopewell say that the team was locked in.

“I just try to come out and help my team because I want to win,” Brevelle said. “I don't put myself first or anyone else. I want the whole team to succeed.”

“We just focused the whole game,” Hopewell said. “The team just played unselfishly, and we had a good pre-game speech from our coach. He just told us to come out, work hard, and play like it’s your last. I think we did that.”

Other scorers:
Jourdain Dishmond: 10 points

E.J. Williams: 13 points
TeDarius Weaver: 11 points

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