Fitz's Film Room: Melvion Flanagan

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Peabody senior guard Melvion Flanagan has proven that he’s one of the best players in Central Louisiana, but its layers to his skill set.

Peabody Senior Guard Melvion Flanagan dribbles a basketball, something he couldn't do a month ago. Source: KALB

1. Defense
Melvion is not just an offensive player. He can play lock down defense. In his senior season, Flanagan averaged 2.9 steals per game.

2. Floor General
He’s also not a selfish player. He gets his teammates involved on a consistent basis. It was on full display as he would go on to average 5.1 assist per game with a total of 189 on the season.

3. Scorer
The last thing is something that we all know. He can shoot like it’s nobody’s business. On any given night, Melvion can get a bucket. He averaged 21.8 points per game, shot 52% from the field, and shot 49% from beyond the arc.

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