Former Wildcat helps make 'Dreamz' come true

CARENCRO, La. (KALB) On most days, you'll find former wildcat defensive end Phil Ford in 'paradise'. Otherwise known as the hills at Pelican Park in Carencro where his athletes put in work.


“I wake up every morning. I dont need an alarm for this. I love this,” Ford said.

Ford is now a football coach at his alma mater, Tuerlings Catholic high school. The former LC stand out was injured in 2011. Despite a couple NFL workouts, Ford would hang up the cleats in 2012, with many fond memories of being a Wildcat.

“I loved being a Wildcat. They even still have my sign that I made (holds up hand making a 'W' and "C' for 'Wildcat") I see that it's popular now. LC was good to me, it taught me a lot of things and everything that I’m doing now with Dreamz is pretty much things that I was taught at LC and in the past,” Ford explained.

Ford wanted to share the importance of consistent work ethic with aspiring athletes, a lesson he says he learned the hard way.

“I gave up one week because I just didn't feel like doing it and that week I got hurt. I preach that, don’t slack off for just one day, don’t slack off just one week. Every day, every hour, every second give it your all because you never know when it's going to be your last snap,” Ford added.

Dreamz Athleticz fitness was recently established with the help of Ragin’ Cajun football alum
Ty Brown. Now the pair are passing down all the gridiron knowledge instilled in them throughout their lives.

“And then when they get it they're like 'man i did that!' and we're like yeah! You did that and you could do more.” Ford said.

But the program goes beyond football. It's also about mentorship.

“How to be a man, how to take care of your family, how to bring kids into your home that aren’t yours..being on time, preperation.” Brown mentions.

The football dream may be over for ford and brown, but their passion lives on--inspiring the next generation of athletes

“They have enough confidence to say, 'ok i can compete with these guys. I might not be as fast as them but as long as I'm working I have a chance'” Brown concludes.

If you would like to sign you child up with Dreamz Athleticz & Fitnes visit their Facebook page

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