From Tragedy to Triumph

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - Some of us don't realize how precious life really is. However, a senior linebacker at Louisiana College, Jacob Joffrion, had to realize that early, at the age of 20.

Senior Louisiana College linebacker Jacob Joffrion and his daughter | Source: KALB

Growing up, Joffrion played football to follow in the footsteps of his dad.

"That was like my best friend," Joffrion said. "I'm from the country. So I didn't have neighbors or anything. The only people I saw outside of school were my mom and my dad, so sports was how my dad and I connected."

Jacob's relationship with his father was the most cherished bond he had with anyone. However, that all changed July 26, 2019.

Around midnight of the 26th, Joffrion was laying in his bed until his father's best friend came rushing to pick him up at his apartment- banging on the door.

It became a night that he would never forget.

"We go to the house and it has a bunch of police cars and stuff in the front yard," Joffrion said. "When we got there, I asked what was going on, and that's when my mother had told me that my father shot himself."

"He doesn't talk a lot about it," Jacob's aunt, Robin Joffrion-Sawyer said. "He misses him as much we do and we can't imagine losing a father at 21 years old."

Jacob might've lost his best friend, but he gained a daughter that will be his new best friend for a lifetime.

"I lose one of the closest people to me and then I gained somebody who's going to be closest to me for the rest of my life," Joffrion said. "I didn't know I needed her more than she needed me."

"I've seen him grow a lot more over the past few months since his daughters been born," head coach Justin Charles said. "Jacobs is going to be the guy to make sure their bond will be tighter than ever."

From tragedy to triumph, that's a choice that any father would be proud of.

"It's a blessing," Joffrion said. "I love her to death and I wouldn't change anything about her."

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