Future LSU Tigers about the loss of his mother

Jacobian Guillory signs with LSU. | KALB
Jacobian Guillory signs with LSU. | KALB(KALB)
Published: Feb. 9, 2020 at 5:36 PM CST
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Standing at 6'2" and weighing in at 320lbs Jacobian Guillory is one Central Louisiana athlete who will go on and play football at the next level for the LSU Tigers. Guillory's story explains how a young child can overcome hardships and learn the value of family, two essential factors that helped him achieve one of his biggest dreams.

While signing his letter of intent, Guillory got choked-up while speaking about his mother.

"I was coming back from Shreveport and it was me, my step-dad and my mom," Guillory explained. "He [Guillory's stepfather] had been working a lot that week, and he didn't really get any rest, so on the way back he nodded off and went to sleep, and it was a really bad car accident and she [Guillory's mother] didn't make it."

On their way back to Alexandria from Shreveport, Guillory lost his mother and his unborn sister. Guillory was only six-years-old at the time.

"e was just giving her a baby shower that day, and that happened," Angela McMillan, Guillory's aunt explained. "it took a long, long, long time to not cry when you talk about it and everything."

"My life changed since then," McMillan said. "Ever since then my aunt raised me and she put a roof over my head since June 30th, 2007."

Through the hardship, Guillory and McMillan's relationship blossomed, going from "auntie and nephew" to more a "mother and son" relationship.

"Obviously, I am going to play college football, but I hope to make in the NFL, so I can repay her for all the stuff she's done for me," Guillory explained.

"Everything to me happens for a reason," McMillan said. We are all blessed by it. We definitely miss her totally but we wish she was still here, but Jacobian has been blessed and she wouldn't have it no other way."

Even though Guillory's mother passed away more than 10 years ago, her memory lives on, and her son even carriers a piece of her with him when he hits the field.

"Actually when I wrap my wrist with tape, [and] I put the year 1975 on one of them," Guillory further explained. "That's the year she was born to kind of pay tribute to her."

The story of a family that preserved through pain and continues to make the best of each moment going forward.

"I love him so much," McMillan said. "I want the best for him... and I'll be there at every game."

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