Guillory talks about Coach O’s intensity

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) – How do the LSU Tigers follow up the type of season that they had in 2019? It starts with signing players like Alexandria Senior High’s Jacobian Guillory, who knows a thing or two about Tigers Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

Source: KALB

“He's a really intense guy, and he really wants things done right,” Guillory. “It doesn't matter how long it takes, he wants it done right.”

Given the nickname “Big Tank”, Guillory says that he's ready to head to Baton Rouge to help Orgeron and the tigers work to win back-to-back championships.

To become a champion more than once it will take a certain level of intensity. Guillory says that Coach O is the man who brings the heat.

“He’s basically like another Coach Bachman (Thomas) for me,” Guillory said. “He's a really big family guy, and he really enjoys family. Me being a part of LSU means that I'm a part of his family. He has my family's best interests as always. On the field, he's a really intense guy, and he always wants stuff done the right way.”

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