LSUA unveils new logo

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ALEXANDRIA -- The campus of LSUA has welcomed a myriad of new faces this week, but the latest addition has a slightly different look than those of the new students, faculty and staff roaming the hallways and sidewalks.

Today, LSUA says “hello” to its new athletic mascot logo. The white bull terrier donning a military helmet will represent the “Generals” nickname with a deep connection to LSUA Athletics’ roots to the armed forces.

“This is an exciting step in our branding efforts as well as a fun addition to our campus and athletic programs,” said Adam Jonson, Director of Athletics. “We will continue with our current LSUA marks, and through the new logo we will also enhance the brand of our ‘Generals’ nickname.”

The nickname “Generals” honors many facets of military operations in Central Louisiana throughout the years. From modern-day partnerships with the Louisiana National Guard to the Louisiana Maneuvers of World War II and the presence of multiple military bases in the area, LSUA’s athletic nickname is a perfect fit.

One of numerous noteworthy US Army officers to walk the grounds of Central Louisiana during World War II, General George Patton is regarded as one of the most successful US field commanders of any war. While tough and fearless enough to earn the nickname “Old Blood and Guts,” Patton had a soft spot – his bull terriers. He acquired his first bull terrier as a family pet shortly after World War I and owned many in his lifetime.

The last of Patton’s terriers – Willie – was special to him. Not only did he have G.I. dog tags made for his furry friend, the pup was even thrown a birthday party by the General. Patton once wrote in his journal that Willie “took to me like a duck to water.”

“LSUA is proud to use the Generals nickname and be associated with the rich military history of the region dating from World War II to the present-day National Guard,” said Sarah Black, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications for LSUA. “We believe the tie to the military history of the region using General Patton’s dog as the inspiration for our new mascot is a great step forward for the University as we continue to grow.”

The search for a mascot to represent the Generals began in mid-2017 when LSUA announced a contest open to the public. That contest attracted dozens of entries and provided the ultimate background connection of the bull terrier concept. LSUA professor David Shanks suggested a rendering modeled after General Patton’s bull terrier Willie.

Ultimately, through the assistance of the LSU Trademark Licensing office and Torch Creative, the initial concept was tweaked, and after a series of edits the final logo was born.

Now, the new LSUA mascot needs a name. Submissions will be taken for consideration until August 31, and names chosen as finalists will be put forth for a vote by the LSUA student body. To submit a name, email

A committee consisting of representatives from Athletics (administration and student-athletes), Marketing & Strategic Communications, Admissions, First Year Experience, Student Life, Finance and Administration, LSUA Foundation, Generals Athletic Association, and Student Government will continue the process of reviewing name submissions and selecting finalists. These same areas were represented through the process of the logo creation.