Laying it All On the Line

PINEVILLE, La (KALB) - Home-schooling may sound boring to some but with a taste of competition in sports, the Alexandria School Arts and Athletics showed otherwise.


“This is the most determined, passionate and respectful group of girls I've ever coached before,” head coach Kathryn Barker said. “They work hard on their individual skills, but they also work hard on becoming one as a team."

Saturday, the Alexandria Storm fell in a nail-biting four-set match against the Lake Charles Knights, 27-25, in the Associate of Christian Education in Louisiana annual state tournament.

“We did our best,” junior standout Sydney Bowie said. “We played hard. We took a set from a team that we've never beaten before,” Bowie added.

Bowie is right. The storm played well and with Sydney Bowie finishing with 14 kills, it was impossible for the team to not keep fighting.

“Sydney is incredibly special to this team, and the team really looks to her for her leadership,” Barker said.

This team has been in similar situations: having to fight from the bottom to win, but one key takeaway is that they played with heart.

“I think for the most part we pulled together and stayed positive almost the whole time, so that was good,” team captain Caroline Lucius said.

The results weren’t what they were expecting, but the Alexandria Storm is looking to be back next year with different results.

“We’ll be back right here and I’ll be talking with you all next year,” Barker said.

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