Leaving a Legacy

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - After a historic championship run from the ASH Trojans, seniors Bud Clark and Eric Speed sit down with Hutch to talk about being a champion, leaving a legacy and their future athletic careers.

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How does it feel to be a part of a history-making team?

Eric Speed: "It's unreal. It feels amazing because they won't ever forget us. We started a trend."

Bud Clark: "We're legendary, so it feels great."

How did it feel to have students waiting until 1 a.m. for you guys to arrive back?

Bud Clark: "A lot of people doubted us. So, it always feels great to have the support from the students because they never did."

With a lot of the doubt you all received, what was something the Coach Brasher really harped on?

Eric Speed: "This is what we pride ourselves in. It's always been us. From the summer in the gym, it was always us so we knew coming in all we had was ourselves to begin with so why not end with it the same way."

Bud Clark: "He just always told us t play for each other and no one else."

This is Coach Brasher's first year as head coach, so how does it feel to have him come out the gate be so willing to turn the ASH basketball culture around?

Eric Speed: "That’s what we pride ourselves in. In the gym, it was just us. He always says just to play for each other. We appreciate him because he got us our first ring."

Bud Clark: "I love Coach Brasher because coming in, not knowing how to play basketball, he just believed in me. He just cares so much about all of us."

How lucky do you feel to be able to finish your senior season?

Eric Speed: "Very lucky because most people weren't. I'm really happy we got to finish."

What do y'all think about everything going on?

Eric Speed: "It's crazy because all of my friends that are still in high school that didn't get to finish their season. They are highly ranked too, so it's unfortunate.

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