Leesville is looking to stay undefeated

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LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) - This Friday, the Leesville Wampus Cats will face off against the Pineville Rebels, and with a perfect season hanging in the balance Leesville’s head coach, Robbie Causey says he’s not satisfied.


“If that's the best we can do last week, we are not going to be playing the week of Thanksgiving and that's our goal,” Causey said.

A goal that would take Leesville into the playoffs, along with their hopes of playing in mid-December at this year’s state championship in New Orleans.

“When you wake up you're back to zero and zero, trying to get better for your next opponent,” Causey stated. “Cause nobody cares what you've done.”

A message preached by every coach from high school to the NFL, but this week that statement carries some extra weight as the Pineville Rebels will be looking for a Friday Night upset, sitting at 1-2. The Rebels Hope to a dent in Leesville’s perfect season.

“Their passing game, they got an athletic quarterback, they got some receivers that can do some damage in the open field,” Causey stated. “They are big upfront and huge on defense.”

For those very reasons, Causey says his team needs to bring their a-game.

“It’s always a chess match when we play Pineville,” Causey said. “There’s never been an easy game with them.”

Leesville has not lost to Pineville since Causey has taken over as the head coach of the Wampus Cats.

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