Marksville QB Qa Mingo Co-Athlete of the Week for Week 7

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) Big players step up in big games and Qa Mingo did just that against reigning district champs. Mingo only stands five feet six inches tall— but he played with a herculean effort.

Throwing for over 247 yards completing 71 percent of his passes, running for 75 more yards and combining for 4 touchdowns and a three critical two-point conversions in Marksville’s 44-36 win over Jena.

Qa didn't stop there, he also was a beast on defense lining up in the secondary on every defensive possession shutting down one of the best receivers in the state. Only allowing just two catches for 22 yards and racking up three tackles, two of which were for loss. He also returned kick offs for the tigers adding 111 return yards on five kickoffs.

Qa didn't take all the recognition for his big game, he gave some love to the guys who open up the holes.

“The offensive line has grown so much, they’re doing great they are getting a good pushes, they’re giving me time to throw the ball.” said Mingo.

Head coach JT Dunbar says without Qa the Tigers may not be the well-oiled machine they are.

“He is the engine the makes us run he may be one of the toughest kids that I've coached. The energy he plays with gets the team going and for his size its amazing the heart that he plays with.” said Dubar

Qa proves that you can't judge the size of the Tiger in the fight, but the size of the fight in the Tiger, earning our week 7 Co-Athlete of the Week.

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