NAIA Cancels Spring 2020 Sports

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KANSAS CITY, Mo (LSUA) - The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced today that it is canceling the spring 2020 sports season, effective immediately.

"All possible scenarios that would have supported a spring sports season were seriously considered by multiple NAIA governance groups," said NAIA President and CEO Jim Carr. "However, the growing state of emergency due to COVID-19, as well as the Center for Disease Control's recommendation yesterday to limit gatherings to fewer than 50 people for eight weeks, meant we could not in good conscience move forward with the spring sports season and championships."

In an effort to provide relief, no spring sport student-athlete will be charged a season of competition. Any spring sport student-athlete who was enrolled full-time in 2020 will be awarded two additional semester terms of attendance or the equivalent.

"Our focus now is providing support to our coaches and student-athletes during this uprecedented time," said Adam Jonson, LSUA Director of Athletics. "Without doubt, this presents a unique set of challenges for everyone involved and creates a lot of questions. We will continue to work at the campus, conference, and national level to provide updated information and generate every opportunity possible for our students."

The NAIA is continuing to address outstanding questions related to these unprecedented changes and will share new information as it becomes available.