NSU's Jared West Talks Preparation for NFL Draft despite COVID-19

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - Running back Jared West might have lost out on a pro-day, but that won't stop the show! He talks with Hutch about how he's preparing despite it all.

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What have you been doing to prepare yourself for the NFL Draft?

JARED WEST: Over the past week or so, when we got the message that we couldn’t be in the gyms anymore, we have been doing a lot more on the fields. We have been trying to record any pro-day drills just in case we have to put something together to send to scouts.

How has the communication been back and forth with your agent?

JARED WEST: It’s been really uncertain, because no one in the world knows what’s next. Everybody is just taking it one day at a time. We have all just been really positive and continuing to believe in God.

At the moment you found out everything came to a stop, what were you thinking?

JARED WEST: I was just like, 'man this is crazy.' You train so much and you don’t think or expect anything to go wrong. I just look at it as one setback. It’s just something that I have to overcome.

How much have you leaned on your faith during this process?

JARED WEST: It’s strong. My parents raised me and my two brothers as a God-fearing family, so everything we do is based around our beliefs in God.

Now, to switch things up a bit, what's your favorite song to listen to before a game to hype you up?

JARED WEST: It depends on my mood because sometimes I want to listen to some slow music. If a different type of person. I need to relax before a game because if I’m too wired up it’s just not too good. If I listen to slow music I’ll listen to John Legend, but for a hype song definitely NBA Youngboy.

What's your worst fear?

JARED WEST: That’s a good question. My biggest fear is to make my parents proud. I know a lot of people say this often, but I just really cannot disappoint.

What do you have to offer that other players don't?

JARED WEST: If anything I’d say just bringing leadership at a young age. I understand there’s a lot of guys in the NFL that are 5-10 plus year vets, but for somebody who has been through a lot, I could just come in hungry. I want to learn as much as possible and soak it all in.

As a senior, would you say go back and tell yourself as a freshman?

JARED WEST: I would say to never take anything for granted. Not saying I did, but seeing other guys’ process through college I'd definitely have that as a message. People tend to procrastinate, so looking back at it I would definitely have written goals and try to accomplish things a lot quicker. I started doing it later, and even though I was still successful I wish I could’ve done it earlier.

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