New Environment, Same Me

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - Having to transfer schools going into your last year of high school is normally tough, however, Jelissa Duffey stayed the same hardworking baller she is with the push from her mom.

Source: KALB

"My mom started pushing me to start playing, and once i start something, I can't stop," University Academy point guard Jelissa Duffey said. "She was the first coach I ever had," she added.

Their close bond allowed it to translate on the basketball court.

"Basically i just use her energy from the sidelines and have it on the court," Duffey said. "The better I do in a game, the more money I get as well," she added.

Even a monetary reward can help produce results. Jelissa finished with 24 points, 14 rebounds and 10 steals to help the Lions avenge an earlier 2-point loss. However, despite the money she gets, she's also a down right hard worker.

"She puts a lot of time and energy into developing her talent," Jelissa's mother Lisa Duffey said. "This recognition validates that," she added.

"She has one of the best attitudes," assistant coach and mentor Carletha Stewart said. "What Ms. Lisa has her doing is going to get her a long way," she added.

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