Peabody Blows Past Southern Lab, 64-32

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - The height difference and slow start weren't enough to stop the Warhorses from blowing past Southern Lab, 64-32.

Source: KALB

In the first half, Peabody didn't look like Peabody. They missed shots from the field that they would normally make, but Thomas Miles gave them their first lead with six minutes left in the second quarter.

"I think we were still riding high off the Madison prep win down in Baton Rouge on Monday," head coach Charles Smith said. "Once they settled down in the second half, we took control of the game," he added.

Kaijalon Smith was "Mr. Primetime" tonight. He finished with 17 points.

"K'iajalon and Melvion are back and forth. Each ballgame one of those guys are going to step us for us," Smith said.

"He had my slack, and that's all I ask for as a captain," senior Melvion Flanagan said. "I didn't play as well as I should have, but next game, I will," he added.

"After every game we look at the pluses and the minuses," Smith said. "We need to work on such as our free throws, boxing out and rebounding," he added.

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