Pineville runs through West Ouachita

PINEVILLE, La (KALB) - After an easy 12-0 point run, the Pineville Rebels cruise through West Ouachita, 73-35.

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"There's no easy wins in our district. We didn't really know what to expect," head coach Tiffany Edmondson said. "I thought we shot the ball well,and I thought we played good defense," she added.

After a tough win on Friday night, the Rebels came out firing, leading the half 45-17.

"They put in the work," Edmondson said. "They are always focused and locked in," she added.

Both, Shaye Benjamin and Aylanna Winn, combined for 40 points in the team effort.

"I expect it out of myself, and I expect more at the same time," junior Aylanna Winn said, "We knew it was going to be easy, but at the end of the day we came out and did our thing," she added.

The Rebels move to 19-2 in the season, and they look to keep their winning ways going.

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