Raiders' Richard looks to take action for Alexandria

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Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 11:24 AM CDT
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Raiders running back Jalen Richard talks with Hutch on his plan of action for Alexandria during COVID-19 outburst.

With everything going on, how are you adjusting?

JALEN RICHARD: I’m using crazy hand sanitizer and just trying not to be around too many people. Obviously, I have to work out and stuff still, so I have a trainer that I go to work out with. He trains me by myself, before anyone else comes in and I just make sure I Lysol down.

What kind of workout ideas do you have for athletes that don’t have the luxury like you to have a trainer still or go to the gym?

JALEN RICHARD: Jump rope...that's really big. Do push-ups and bodyweight workouts as well. If you have cones or anything, you can always go out in the back yard and run some drills. I’ve been doing footwork in the garage and using a few dumbbells, but really mainly bodyweight is perfect in order to stay active.

Now you have a little one on the way, how is your family handling everything?

JALEN RICHARD: We had to adjust big time. The hospital called to let us know that only one person can be in the room with her when she delivers, so family members and anyone else won’t be able to be in there, and that’s a little scary because last time I had help. She’s a little nervous, and I feel like any anxiety a women will have around this time and dealing with all of this is tough. I just have to make sure we get back and forth from the hospital and home safely. I’m concerned about staying healthy too, but I’ll make sure we make the right moves.

I know you mentioned to me previously with everything going on, especially in Alexandria, that you would like to help out the community. What were you looking to do exactly?

JALEN RICHARD: The schools are giving the kids lunch and a breakfast, so I have been calling to speak with someone to be able to provide these kids with take-home lunches. So with their lunches, they will get an additional lunch to be able to take home. That’s what I’m looking to do to ease everything because for most kids, that’s the only meal they get. I’m happy that the City of Alexandria is doing that but I want to help out in any way that I can as well.

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