Senior Showcase: Cam Milton

DRY PRONG, La. (KALB) – Grant senior track star Cam Milton has competed in nearly every track event including the 400 and 800 meter dash.

Source: KALB

Milton has won awards ranging from All-District MVP's to even competing in the Junior Olympics. His leadership helped him to land a position as an assistant coach on the track team that he still will serve in while he's in college.

His exceptional talents allowed him to sign a scholarship with the Northwestern State Demons. He says that everything he does is for his hometown.

"Everybody seems to look down on Grant,” Milton said. “I just wanted to do everything for my city. I don't want to say that it's my city, but it's our city. I wanted to put all my effort, all my talent, and all my work ethic into this town."

COVID-19 halted Milton and the Cougars from getting a chance to compete on the state level again, but Milton is optimistic about Grant’s future.

"I just knew that I had to step up as a leader," Milton said. "I had to show these kids that they can still work. I told them that I had faith in them and to keep training. This year, we were supposed to win it all."

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