Senior Showcase: Georgia Manzer

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Lady Trojans senior first baseman Georgia Manzer says that she always found a way to get the team hype.

Source: KALB

Whether it came from starting a chant or hyping up a teammate, Georgia found a way to make sure her team never lost intensity.

“I think if we would’ve all been too demanding, that wouldn’t have been good for the team,” Manzer said. “We just needed to stay calm, relax, and have fun.”

Not only did she keep the hype in the bullpen, she turned up the heat on the field, earning All-State Honorable Mention in 2019. Georiga says that her role helped just as much as any of the other seniors she played with.

“I think that we were clicking,” Manzer said. “We had a lot of come-from-behind games. We’d go down and then come back. That really helped to build our bond. We knew that we could trust each other to come back, which really helped.”

“I think we started to believe that we were actually something good,” Manzer said. “It wasn’t just luck that kept happening”

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