Senior Showcase: Kinsley Ashworth

GLENMORA, La. (KALB) – The Plainview High School community is no stranger to being on the big stage, and senior Kinsley Ashworth has been there every step of the way.

Source: KALB

The three sport athlete competed in basketball, softball, and cross country. In her time at Plainview, Ashworth won six state championships.

She led the Lady Hornets to four straight title appearances in hoops and three straight in softball.

This season the Lady Hornet softball team had their sights set on once again playing in Sulphur, but those dreams were shattered on April 9th with the cancellations of the spring and winter sport seasons.

Ashworth will get the chance to continue her softball career at LSU-Eunice, but she feels sorry for other seniors who won’t get that same chance.

“Of course I was sad but in the back of my mind, I thought about the people that weren’t going to be able to play in college and how they felt,” Ashworth said. “I’m sad, but I feel like they didn’t get any closure. I’m going to get to play in college and have a college softball career, but this is it for them. I really feel bad for people that aren’t able to continue their career in softball.”

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