Senior Showcase: Madison Dauzart

BUCKEYE, La. (KALB) - Buckeye senior catcher Madison Dauzart is another member of the Lady Panthers softball team.

Source: KALB

Dauzart says that she felt shocked when the LHSAA issued its ruling to cancel spring and winter sports on April 9th. The Lady Panthers were poised for another run at a state championship in Class 3A.

Madison says that she had a feeling the cancellations would happen, but you’re never prepared for the actual moment.

“Even when school got cancelled I never thought that it would get to that point,” Dauzart said. “I thought it would’ve been a shortened amount of time, and we would’ve come back. I never would’ve thought this would happen and everything would have gotten cancelled.”

She also says that her teammates have been there to support her the entire time.

“They’ve rallied around the seniors which is something that I’ve appreciated,” Dauzart said. “Everyone’s talked about how bad they want to be here for us, but it’s hard because no one can be there for anyone. They’ve really been a good support system for us.”

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