Senior Showcase: Peyton Barrett

BUCKEYE, La. (KALB) – Peyton Barrett, Buckeye Lady Panther second baseman, has played for Buckeye since the seventh grade.

Source: KALB

In 2019, Barrett received a second team all-district honor as a pitcher.

In her career, Peyton has seen the ups and downs of the program—from the 23-6 season in 2014 to now having her senior season stripped due to the coronavirus.

“We've all waited for this moment to finish out our senior year,” Barrett said. “We just knew that it was our year and for that to be taken from us, nothing could have prepared me for that.”

Barrett says that the bond within the senior class will last forever.

“I call and text them every day because they're my rock,” Barrett said. “They've been there every step of the way, especially the seniors. They've been my friend since I was eight years old. They know how I feel, and they feel the same way.

In this unprecedented time, Barrett and her senior class have kept in close contact to encourage each other.

“Anytime things went wrong for me, I know that I could go to them. They would give their advice and be there for me to cry on their shoulder. They've always been my best friends.”

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