Started From the Bottom, Now He's Here

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Alexandria High School sophomore Noah Jonker left Glenmora High School for the betterment of his family. Now, he's found himself winning a State Championship with the Trojans.

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Noah, in your freshman year at Glenmora, you all made it to the second round of playoffs. Now, you're a state champion with ASH. How does it feel?

NOAH JONKER: "It's just amazing. I can't even describe it. I had this past week and a half to think about it, and I still can't even describe it. It's always been a dream of mine. I'd say it is like starting from the bottom."

What made you decide to transfer to Alexandria Senior High?

NOAH JONKER: "I'm actually not sure. My parents wanted to move closer to Alexandria and I just so happen to be in the zone to move to this school, so I guess you could say that's why. Both of my parents work at Forest Hill, so it's close to their jobs as well."

What are you looking forward to at ASH for the next two years?

NOAH JONKER: "I'm looking for it to be the same because we have a great coach in Coach Brasher and Bailey. We also have a bunch of guys on junior varsity that have played well during their season coming in, so they'll add a lot of talent. We are only losing four guys, so that's good."

Do you think it will be the same type of team chemistry?

NOAH JONKER: "Yes, most definitely. We have so much fun in the locker room and overall just a great team. Love these guys, so yes."

Are you going to miss the seniors who will be leaving?

NOAH JONKER: "I will miss Bud for sure. I'll miss Speed, Des, Holly all of them because we have spent so much time together. When we went to the State Championships, we all stayed in the room together and it was so much fun, so I'll miss that."

How important is it for you to step up as an upper class-men?

NOAH JONKER: "I feel like I stepped up a little this year, but now I need to step up even more. I need to start shooting more and making more plays off the dribble for sure."

Do you have any offers on the table so far?

NOAH JONKER: "No, not yet, but I'll probably be expecting some to roll in this upcoming summers."

What's your dream school?

NOAH JONKER: "I don't know. Any school that gives me an offer is a dream school for me."

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