Top 5 Plays from High School Football Week 2

Photo Source: KALB
Photo Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Sep. 9, 2018 at 9:32 PM CDT
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Lightning delays aren't fun. Just ask Tioga, who finished their Friday night contest at midnight thanks to Mother Nature. Despite the weather not being ideal, these next players managed to shine brighter than the skies they played under.

Play #5: Like the Wiseman said: Many is good

The Many Tigers are good. So says the Wiseman, or so does the Wiseman, Shamarion Wiseman to be exact. He would rumble in from 60 yards out, and Many would easily take down Marksville.

Play #4: Stafford can scoot

ASH has played two closely contested games through the first two weeks of the season, but having a Juan Stafford makes life easier. Stafford takes the pass all the way in for paydirt, and the Trojans claim victory in week two.

Play #3: Kevin Hammond slides into the (T)DMs

Kevin Hammond of Peabody knows that opportunities for interceptions don't come often. Opportunities for pick sixes? Even more rare. So when he snatches Ben West's pass out of the air, he makes sure to make the Rebels pay, sliding into the end-zone and into Peabody fans' hearts.

Play #2: Fake Punts are the best punts

Fake punts are the best punts, because they aren't punts. Punts are awful. Buckeye agreed, for at least one fourth down, during their game against the Menard Eagles. Justin Belgard sacrifices mind, body, and soul, laying out to make and secure the catch. The Panthers would hold off the Eagles 7-0.

Play 1#: 1st times the charm for Frazier

Very rarely do you get it right the first time. For me, sometimes it takes four, five, ten tries before I get something satisfactory. For Avoyelles High's Ja'corian Frazier, it only took one. One snap, one carry, and one touchdown. 92 yards and six points is a way to make an entrance. Good luck topping that moving forward, buddy.

The End. For Reals.

That's the definitive list of the top five plays from across Cenla week two. Check this spot again next week for the top plays from week three, and don't forget to head to the Athlete of the Week tab to nominate an athlete!