Top Five Plays from Cenla Jamborees

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(KALB) - Friday night, teams across Central Louisiana got a final chance to work out the kinks before the start of the 2018 regular season.

Photo Source: KALB

We covered three jamborees Friday night, and these next players made plays destined for the spotlight.

Play #5: Fowler isn't so Fowl finding Thomas the Toe Tapper
Points were scored in bunches in this contest between Tioga High School and Buckeye. Buckeye may have ended up on the losing end of this one, but not despite the efforts of Fowler and Thomas. Thomas squeezed between two defenders, en route to six points.

Play #4 Ravare can scoot
Tioga never took very long to score Friday night, and you can thank Kenneth Ravare for that. The junior nabbed two touchdown catches and kept the clock operator hard at work trying to keep up with the scoring on the scoreboard.

Play #3 Washingtons are worth 6, not 1, for Marsksville
Marksville Quarterback Daniel Miller owes Kameron Washington for at least one TD in Miller's Friday night stat line, as Washington snatched a pass out of the air right as a Bunkie defender was about to come down with the interception. Washington turned the potential pick into six, and the Tigers came away with a 14-0 victory.

Play #2 Quinney's going the distance, he's going for speed
Ty'darian Quinney may have had trouble corralling the kick-off initially, much to the immediate dismay of Tioga faithful, but soon eased Indians fans' worries with a return for a touchdown. We only know two things: patience is still a virtue, Tioga faithful, and Quinney is fast.

Play #1 Allain ails defender, pun gods weep
Noah Allain is a TE for Leeseville High School. Noah Allain caught a pass, dropped it, picked it up, and then subsequently planted a Peabody defender into the dirt. We swear, he seems like a nice guy, just don't cross him on the football field. Allain had a pair of scores on the evening as Leeseville routed the Warhorses, 33-0.

Well, that will do it for the Top Five Plays of the Week. Next week, teams across Cenla play games that actually matter. Come back to this spot next Sunday and we'll do this fun thing all over again.