Top Five Plays from High School Football Week 9

(KALB) - It's hard to believe Week 9 is already behind us. We saw teams play games for district championships, others vying for playoff positioning, and key rivalry matchups. The stakes only benefit us, as we have one of the most, if not THE most exciting week of the Top Plays list of the entire season . Let's get this show rolling.

Photo Source: KALB

Hesne delivers for the Trojans
Juan Stafford + whoever is tossing the ball for the Trojans=entertainment. It's a formally that has rung true for all the 2018 season. No exception against their arch rival Trojans, as Stafford takes the Hesne pass all the way for six.

Indians start strong
A District Title was on the line during the Tioga-Leesville game Friday night, and the Indians came out strong, taking it to the Wampus Cats. Blak McGeehee found Ethan Christman across the back of the endzone and helped knot thins up early in the first. They would take a lead into the half but eventually fall to Leesville.

Chark it up to being talented
Richard Chark was a load all night long, and this run in the first half helped give the Trojans some distance. Chark takes this one to the house and only added to his monster day in the second half. ASH went on to win big over Pineville.

A for Effort, A+ for execution
Another game with district title implications, Many taking on Red River. Many has lived on this list all season, and this play may be their best of the season. Josh Carrol sacrificed his entire body for this one, and the Tigers would get the victory and the district championship.

Fly, Eagles, Fly!
Menard took down Bunkie behind Cam Miguez and this phenomenal throw and catch to his man Scully. Menard would get the victory and improve to 2-2 in district play.

All she wrote
Another week, another exciting edition of the Top Five Plays. Next week is the last week of the 2018 regular season, and should provide us with even more phenomenal plays. See ya next week!