Top Five Plays from High School Football Week 4

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(KALB) - Week Four of high school football is already in the past, a distant memory from a better time. Ok, so maybe its not thattttt far away, but to commemorate a great slate of games, lets take a look at the top five plays from an exciting week four.

Photo Source: KALB

#5: Giants have a special team(s)
The Jena Giants are special. This much we know. We now also know that they have excellent special teams. For the second consecutive week, the Giants score a special teams touchdown, this time thanks to Zyrek Norl.

#4: No, you aren't dreaming. Jena did it again
No, you aren't seeing double, unless you're looking at the final stat line and see that Zyrek Norl had two special teams touchdowns. In that case, sure, you are seeing double.

#3: Wampus Cats make a statement
Leesville starts off 4-0 after taking down Pineville in what will sure be one of the most exciting games of the season when we look back on 2018. Jacob Mount finding Jalen Shephard has Leesville faithful thinking this team can be playing in December.

#2: Many gets back on track
How does one of the best teams in Cenla respond after a loss? By making a statement. The Many Tigers took down Union Parish, and this Brandon Meshell interception surely helped the cause.

#1: JT Turner is the real deal
Last weeks Athlete of the Week, JT Turner, shined against LaSalle. On offense, he lit up the score board, and on defense, he showed why hustle and heart are critical to any good football player. Saving the touchdown and causing the turnover are a great way to find yourself a top this list.

That's a wrap
Well, this is the end of the line for week four. Check this space next week for the top five plays of week five, and don't forget to go to the athlete of the week tab on our website to nominate an athlete of the week!