Training Days: Leesville and Rosepine

LEESVILLE, La. (KALB) - The Rosepine Eagles were undefeated in 2018 until their loss to DeQuincy in the 2nd round. A deeper playoff run is what they're looking to make happen in 2019.

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It takes hard work and effort,” said head coach Brad Ducote. “The first few weeks of practice I’ve had every kid here. They're putting in the time and paying the price.”

On the offense, they're led by offensive tackle Wesley Willis. Last season he helped lead the offense to over 4,000 yards and 55 touchdowns. He's looking to lead the way again.

On defense, they have Scott Wisby. He had 68 tackles on the year and was district defensive MVP 2 years ago. There's no doubt that he's looking to have tackling fuel again.

With new keys in place, this team could be poised for a deep playoff run.

“We are always known to be physical so we are going to be testing out our opponent's physicality for sure,” said Ducote.

Not much further down the road resides one of the more stacked offenses in the Leesville Wampus Cats. They're returning Jacob Mount and the Gallashaw brothers, D'ante and Caleb.

Those three alone are a walking 4,000 yards

On defense they have Darius Allen who loves to talk with confidence. This team doesn't plan on settling.

“I think what we do is look at what athletes we have and try to give them what they need,” said head coach Robbie Causey. “On offense, we give them the ball and on defense, we play with the strengths of the kids we have on that side.”

The Wampus Cats boasted an undefeated season last year, the first time since 1995. However, it’s a new year and their expectations are to go all the way.

‘We want to be a team that in order to beat us, you have to bring you A-game,” said Causey. “You better bring your lunch because we are going to make you eat it.”

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