Training Days: Montgomery and Grant

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The first stop was with the Montgomery Tigers. One of the most lethal offenses in the area last year, they're now looking to rebuild.

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“The rumor around town is that we won't be as good this year, so that's motivating them,” head coach Brian Williams said. “This team doesn't want it to be a drop off just because we lost 10 seniors. They're battling and doing the things that need to be done to have success.”

Next up, we have the Grant Cougars. They aren’t known for their numbers but rather for their lack of numbers. Coach Hallman says that isn't stopping this team from getting better.

“We have to count on and depend on everybody out here,” Hallman said. “We have a saying that says we want to be able to count on you and depend on you. They both mean the same thing, but we need them to understand that.”

With the right mindset, they believe that the sky is the limit.

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