Training Days: Peabody and Menard

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ALEXADNRIA, La. (KALB) - We're going on a trip. Hop over in the passenger seat and take a ride with Fitz.

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Our first stop is at Peabody. The Warhorses are coming off of a 1-9 season but are poised for a comeback.

"I think that they've jelled as a unit, and I think the culture is changing at Peabody,” head coach Marvin Hall said. “The kids have worked really hard this summer. I'm excited to see what these guys do."

Traveling down Coliseum Blvd, the Menard Eagles are getting things started with their new wishbone offense. Coach Gatlin says that the sky is the limit for his squad.

"Everybody's 0-0 and everyone's trying to go 10-0,” Gatlin said. “Our kids have worked hard all summer and just like all the rest of the teams, we've come out and tried to be the best that we can be every day. We're excited about the group of guys that we have."

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