Turnovers and bad calls lead to first home game loss

ALEXANDRIA, La (KALB) - After taking the lead at halftime, 45-38, the Generals fall short to Loyola by one point, 81-80.

Source: KALB

"We had all the opportunities to execute, but obviously, there were some bad calls that played a part in it," point guard, Brittany Hall said. "We played against a top 25 team, so we are just going to take this win and learn from it," Hall added.

"We shot 46 percent from the field, and when you shoot like that in the game, you feel like you're going to win," head coach Bob Austin said. "When you pair up against another top 25 teams, you have to know that they are going to shoot equally as well and they are going to make key plays," Austin added.

"No more losses," guard Kendriana Washington said. " We just want all the wins. This was the last loss, seriously," Washington added.

The Generals are at home against Dillard on Nov. 19th.

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